Warm Winter Fund

The Elaine Adair Michalak Foundation Inc., willingly extends its hand to our indigenous brothers and sisters, in effort to overcome the tremendous hardships foisted upon them by the winter cold. Please consider a small donation to our “Warm Winter Fund” and keep a child warm during this winter.

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Please Watch This Video!

As a science graduate, I am always looking for answers that others seem to either dismiss or accept “there is no other alternative”. Naturally, when my dear friend came to me and said “I have cancer, but I don’t want to do chemotherapy or radiation,” I had to search for other methods of treatment to help him. I have always believed that the world we currently live in is designed to make us sick and make the drug companies rich, I am not alone in this belief. Yet, thousands of people when they hear that six letter word “cancer” they trust the western medicine doctors and pharmaceutical companies are going to cure them, only to discover it is one of the great American hoaxes with only 10 to 15% survival rare, but 100% guaranteed to suck your bank account and your family dry.
I am here to tell you there are other ways of treating this deadly disease but the FDA or the healthcare industry does not want you using these methods even though they might save your life, because cancer is big business for them. For example one of the leading alternative cancer treatments centers is Sunridge Medical Wellness Center in Scottsdale AZ . The problem is because they are not recognized by the healthcare or insurance industries paying for these treatments become a huge financial burden on the patient and their families. Let’s face it, most of us would do anything to save our life, or the lives of our loved ones even if it means spending our last dime. We have an obligation to help our fellow man in times like these, even if it a small amount, it shows that you took the time to care for another human being. Please watch this message from my dear friend, mentor and Elder Russell Means. He has done so much to help his fellow man let us all help him in his time of need.
Thank you,
Angie Baldwin
Little Spirit

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Welcome to the Elaine Adair Michalak Foundation

In Memory of
Elaine Theresa
24th September 1963
31st May 2001

In Memory of Elaine’s tireless dedication to bring the works of Karl May to the children of an English speaking world, we dedicate this foundation to her efforts in the hope that her desire to give all children a better future and that it can be realized through the Foundation set up in her honor.

Our Future is in the Hands of Our Children!

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